How To Add WoWTv to Your Roku Channel

After you purchase a subscription/ renew you will receive an email with account information within 15 minutes to 8 hours. This information is needed after adding the WoWTv Channel to your Roku and logging in to After the WoWTv Private Channel has been added to your Roku, on first launch of the Channel you will be presented with an activation code that is needed to link your new Roku Private Channel to your account. Below are instructions on how you install the WoWTv Roku Channel. These instructions are for theRoku 3, but same steps are taken on the Roku 1 & Roku 2. Also view wowtv android

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1. Have your Roku activation code ready . Log into our account at Of-course, if you do not already have a Roku account, you will have to create one.

How to add WoWTv to Roku Channel

2. Once logged in, click Manage Account > “Add a Private Channel”

How to Add Roku Channel

3. Insert your New IPTV activation code. Click on “Add Channel” after inserting activation code.

Roku Channel Activation

4. Confirm you would like to add the channel shown.

How to Install your WoWTv Channel to Roku

5. Click on “Return to My Account”. You will get a confirmation that the channel has been added as shown below.

WowTv on your Roku Channel

After installation is complete, check your Roku to verify the channel is showing. The channel should appear shortly after install. If it does not, you can restart your Roku to speed up the process. The first time you launch the channel you’ll be presented with an activation code that changes about every 5 minutes. This is the code you will use with the instructions we send you after you subscribe. You can also email the code along with the payment, and we will try to activate it for you. Unfortunately, the code auto changes every 5 minutes, so we might not get the code in time. You can do it yourself following the instructions we provide. But if you need help please let us know.

Your WoWTv has been added to your Roku Channel. Happy Streaming!


WoWTv on Roku

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