The Top 10 Best Cable & Satellite TV Providers

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Without cable, there was no way to watch your favorite shows. But with streaming devices and subscription services on the rise, that’s no longer the case. Some of the best shows on TV aren’t even on cable TV anymore — Amazon Instant Video has Transparent; House of Cards is exclusively on Netflix; Broad City broadcasts via Hulu — and streaming is becoming less an alternative to cable and more the go-to way to get our shows. In fact, we’ve taken an in-depth look at several ways to get your entertainment fix, including cable, satellite, and streaming.

But back to cable. If you’re sticking it out with one of the old-school providers, it’s because, for you, hundreds of channels On Demand, robust DVR functionality, and snagging a low (if only for the first year) rate truly matter.




Number 1
DIRECTV is one of the most well-known satellite TV providers. It currently offers almost 200 HD channels to consumers throughout the United States and Latin America, and has outranked cable TV in customer service for 14 years.


Candy Hellings  – I have nothing but high praise for everyone involved in providing me with DIRECTV usage. That includes the person I spoke with on the phone, as well as the technician who installed. Although I was not person who was present during installation, I can say that the person who was, Randy **, told me that the technician was proficient and professional in all phases of the installation. We could not be happier with all phases DIRECTV, from the person who I initially spoke with, the technician who installed, and the final product!!!

Roy – So far there are no problems. Installation was on 2/27/16. The picture is clearer than U-Verse and I like the remote. The installer was personable and thorough in being sure I knew how to operate the functions.

Chris – I signed up for new service last September and signed two-year contract only to find out on this month’s bill the rate goes up $45 a month after twelve months without notice, nothing has changed same service. Called tonight to see what could be done and was on phone an hour asking to speak to supervisor since person speaking to me could not help me. Supervisor never picked up, just kept relaying messages through the person I was talking with. Was put on hold forever and finally was disconnected with getting any resolution. My advice is do not fall into their trap of signing a contract as once it’s signed they could care less about you and they will continue to remind you that you are in contract with them.


Number 2
Mediacom has been serving small town America since 1996 offering 200+ HD channels, internet, in-home WiFi & innovative technology like TiVo®. You can get TV, internet & phone service bundled together, on 1 bill from 1 provider.

Mediacom reviews

Clyde- Over the years, I’ve switched from one provider to the other and so far, I’m very happy with Mediacom. Their sales rep was excellent, and he was very easy to deal with and he told me what I wanted to know. I’m one very happy customer. I got their TV, as well as the internet, which is very important to me. I go online early in the morning and I’m in and out of there all day long. As for TV, I’m very channel selective. I’m a KPBS fan and I go there more than any other. With Mediacom, all I had to have was a router because I already have a landline so I just plugged it in and go. Their service is excellent. It does what it should do and it works fine. The only thing I didn’t like was the bundled telephone because I use AT&T. When I called overseas that’s when I ran into problems with Mediacom. It just directed me to AT&T. So, I thought I don’t need an intermediary so I took it out and use AT&T direct.


Number 3
MetroNet is a provider of fiber optic communication services headquartered in Evansville, Ind. They bring high-speed internet and other fiber services to communities across the state with online and local stores.

Metronet reviews

Christopher – Yo bro channel selection was very good and I was very satisfied with it. It offered most of the premium channels that were available to the local cable provider. The cable service was very reliable and I had very few outages when using it. Overall I was very satisfied with it and recommended totally to the consumer provided it’s available in your area. I was happy with the overall value however I felt that the channel selection could have been a little bit greater compared to the money that it was costing me to have. The overall customer support was exceptional even though I really had to use it. The few times I did have to use it I was provided great service and any issues were quickly resolved.


Number 4
WOW Founded in 1996, WOW! is a digital cable provider operating in the Southeast and Midwest United States. By using customer feedback, WOW! offers a smaller lineup of channels that most customers will actually watch.

WOW reviews

Brenda – I moved to AL to be with my fiancee within the past year and a half. Since I have been here I have noticed multiple occasions where the internet’s download speed would suffer after a rainstorm. We usually end up having to pester someone to come out. They will troubleshoot stuff inside the house, but when we suggest that it is something outdoors they seem to try to not have to do any actual physical work. The issue eventually resolves itself, but this happens quite frequently and we wind up without internet for a few days at a time.

Recently, instead of having the typical download issues now we’re having upload issues instead. It is dropping to below.1 and it’s virtually impossible for my fiancee and myself to enjoy our usual entertainment which happens to be a video game (mmorpg). I notice that it happens much more often around certain times of the day – usually in the evening and early morning. It will gradually right itself, usually after a few resets and a lot of patience… a lot a lot of patience. Which right now is running very thin because of these problems. We are planning to see if a tech will come out, but more than likely they will say we need to wait until Monday or something, and then never show up. But if they do show up, it will be the same rinse and repeat response without ever actually fixing the issue!

I would not recommend their services simply for the fact that customer service and their techs seem like they are not obligated at all to help you. They just want to lazily come to your home, fidget a few things, get back in their truck and fidget even more objects, and then go along their way because that’s apparently all you get.



Number 5
Founded in 1973, Cablevision offers advanced digital television among their line-up of services to residents and businesses of the greater New York area. Cablevision also has news channels formatted for New York viewers.

Cablevision reviews

Michelle – The new On Demand menu is so tiny I can’t read anything unless I get 2 feet in front of my TV. I guess they only thought about viewers who own 60″ TVs and have perfect vision. My screen is 32 inches and I do wear glasses but I SHOULD be able to read what the heck is on the menu when I’m sitting only 10 feet away. In addition to this when I try to watch a movie On Demand it abruptly stops about 40 minutes in and will not resume. I’ve rebooted to no avail. Please fix this. Please make the writing big enough for the average person not Superman with X-ray vision.

Hiwat – WARNING. OPTIMUM TRIES TO BLACKMAIL POTENTIAL NEW CUSTOMERS for previous bills not associated to them from their address. UNREPUTABLE COMPANY with unethical business practices. They discussed someone else’s bill that previously lived at this address in detail even when I said multiple times it’s not legal for them to do that and against the Federal Credit Billing Act. It is also against the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

To clarify, I was NOT living at this address when the services were supposedly rendered to this person. The house was destroyed in a hurricane and I came into possession after it was rebuilt. All of this information is personal and none of which I should have to be interrogated for by a customer service agent. They also wanted me to provide sensitive personal information when I ONLY wanted pricing before providing the information to me. A grievance will be filed with the Fair Trade Commission as well.


Number 6
Cox is one of the largest cable companies in the United States. It considers itself an ethical company and offers a code of ethics on its website so that customers can understand the values it is founded on and carries out.

Cox reviews

Gary – After 4 years they then decided that some equipment from a rental house we owned wasn’t returned. So why not just screw up our credit score with snohux claim. I called the tenant and they swear they returned both pieces. $945 for an old cable box and an old modem that they keep advising that we should be upgrading because the older modems can’t handle the new speeds. Then after an equipment review, they found the cable box had been returned. Amazing how one piece magically appears and the other is still missing. Everyone knows COX never makes mistakes. They said “$420 and we will mark your acct as paid. No negotiation. Just pay or we will screw your credit score up.”

Mary – I called Cox services yesterday 9-30-16 and automatic service says even they are having issues themselves. Got hacked last week as well as a number of local Cox users. I have been a long time loyal customer of 18 years and recently have noticed my bill has been going up these past two months. Was told because I used the directory assistance three times is why my bill went up this month. Last month calls were being dropped, messages could not be obtained, e-mails would not open and yet still had to pay for raised prices. I feel when Cox are having issues they should not be charging customers for their own issues! Told the lady I’m thinking of switching to another provider if one can be found reliable. Thank you.

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